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Military Circle Mall

Military Circle Mall


Lady Antiquity has been chosen to liquidate the Historic and iconic Military Circle Mall. Check out the Wavy 10 news story below! If you are interested in liquidating a mall or large business call today 757-681-5093

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Lady Antiquity was born out of the need to help people go through a tough transition. When you choose Lady Antiquity, you are choosing a company with experience, compassion and integrity. With hundreds of sales, we're poised to exceed all of your expectations. Sharon Roberts is the founder and her philosophy is very simple:  treat people with kindness and compassion while conducting  sales with  professionalism.


Please call us today so we can offer you a no obligation consultation. It's FREE and we're here to help you even if you don't choose us.

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Lady Antiquity makes it easy when you are downsizing. Our expert staff can quickly and efficiently organize and sell your items, including staging. We handle your items with care and consideration. 

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When choosing an estate sale company, you should ask certain questions. These questions will essentially allow you to make the best decision in the handling of your treasured items. Some common questions to think about when selecting a company include:

Are your employees professionally trained?

  • Are your employees professionally trained?
  • Do your employees dress professionally?
  • Do you provide security measures and if so what?
  • Do you advertise the sale and if so where?
  • Do you have a data base of customers that you contact when you have an upcoming sale?
  • Do you have set prices on each of your sales days?
  • Are there any out of pocket fees?
  • What happens with the contents after the sale?
  • When should I receive payment after the sale?

Lady Antiquity employees are professionally trained and are always dressed appropriately. We have processes in place for secure handling of your items and payments during sale. We never charge any upfront fees!  When the sale is over, the contents belongs to the estate. We can also provide an estimate to remove all contents at that time or can provide alternative solutions based on your needs. When the sale is completed, you can expect payment within 3 business days. All payments are mailed out in the form of a company check.

We advertise extensively and this is what really separates us from the rest. We have a huge data base of customers who receive exclusive text messages when we have a new sale. In addition to our database we advertise via social media as well as our website. We even place signs directing potential customers to your front door the days of the sale.

  • We never charge any upfront fees! 
  • When the sale is over the contents belongs to the Estate. 
  • We can remove all contents and an estimate will be provided at that time.
  • When the sale is completed you can expect payment within 3 business days. All payments are mailed out in the form of a company check.

When relocating, choosing an estate sale company should be the least of your problems. Our obligation is to our clients, making sure you receive first-class service while eliminating the added stress.

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​Friday and Saturday April 7-8 10am-5pm

Pick up is by appointment only

Please provide the following by texting 813-507-3622. If you do not have an appt you will be denied access. You must choose a time and receive a confirmation text back.

​Please enter via mall entrance near Ross. You must have an appt to enter and must supply us with the information above.

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